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Dragon Awaken F&Q

1. Players can freely switch skills as needed. What can each skill do?

a. Duelist: Good at dealing huge DMG to a single target but is weaker with group targets. Easy to cast and has high Crit DMG.

b. Mystic: Removes enemies' buffs, reduces their DEF and increases the DMG and DOT they receive. It has two powerful group skills but has less single-target damage.

c. Cleric: Heals the wounded and rescues the dying. Heals a single or group target and increases the team's ATK. Ultimate Skill can remove a debuff from all allies.

d. Paladin: Creates a shield that absorbs DMG for you or your allies. It can deal group DMG to enemies in the front row or to a single target with HP Drain.

2. What benefits can VIP players get?

VIP players have many benefits. They can get Dragon Dust more quickly, obtain EXP bonus, retrieve missing check-ins, VIP Flip, Free Vault, Free Horns, more dungeon buying chances, etc. They can also claim a pack when they upgrade their VIP level. Besides rare materials, they also have access to unique Fashions, Mounts and Wings.

3. How do you get Mounts?

You can choose to train Mount's ATK, DEF or HP as you wish and all allies will get stat bonuses from Mount. Mount will gain stars when successfully trained. It'll evolve when reaching a certain amount of stars. Activate more Mounts to get more stat bonuses and change the Mount's appearance.

4. How do you recruit Heroes?

Players can recruit Heroes in Tavern. Each one has different appearances, stats and skills. Recruiting a Hero requires a certain amount of Essence. Heroes of higher quality require more Essence to recruit.

5. How do you obtain Enchantment Card?

Defeat Wild Monsters for a chance to obtain Enchantment Card. Clear Multi-Dungeon with lower level players to obtain Bravery Seal, which can be exchanged for Enchantment Card in Brave Shop.

6. What does a dragon do in battle? When does it attack?

Dragon will boost all allies’ ATK and ignore enemies’ DEF. Also, it will deal great DMG to enemies with higher DEF. 

Dragon requires Rage to attack. Each round grants it 50 Rage and when it reaches 100, it will attack.

7. What is Investment?

There’s Weekly Rebate, Monthly Rebate and Level Rebate in Investment.

It costs 500 Ambers to invest in Weekly Rebate. When you invest successfully, all Ambers will be returned to you. Besides, you will receive a 7-day Title and you can claim daily rewards including lots of Diamonds and rare items for a week. 

It costs 2,000 Ambers to invest in Monthly Rebate. When you invest successfully, all Ambers will be returned to you. Besides, you will receive a 30-day Title and you can claim daily rewards including lots of Diamonds and rare items for a month. 

It costs 10,000 Ambers to invest in Level Rebate. Reach the required level to claim Ambers and Diamonds. When you reach Lv. 50, all Ambers will be returned to you with 15,000 Diamonds as a reward. Sound good? Level Rebate is only available for players during their first 3 days.

8. What should we do if we don’t receive our recharge?

Click GM on the upper right to contact our Customer Service.

9. Where do we access Dragon Awaken?

You can access the game through: the official website: http://daw.r2games.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dragon-Awaken-at-R2Gamescom-326973184846169/

10. How do we play Multi-Dungeon?

Team up with 3 players to clear the dungeon. Team up with a friend to receive extra rewards.

At higher levels, you can enter harder dungeons and receive better rewards.

Before it starts, you will enter the room and the team leader (owner) will assign players and arrange the formation.

There are currently two difficulties: Normal and Hard. The higher the level of the dungeon, the better your chances to receive Orange Epic Equipment.

11. What is the Title System?

Titles provide unique appearances and stat boosts.

Titles have 4 stages: Blue, Purple, Orange and Red. Titles with higher stage will offer better stats and a cooler appearance.

Meet requirements or complete quests to get Titles.

Title stats can be stacked. Players can equip up to 2 Titles at the same time.

12. What are the Dragon Catacombs?

There are 99 floors in Dragon Catacombs, and tons of rewards are waiting for you on each one.

Players can freely explore the Dragon Catacombs. You may trigger random challenges while doing so and get rare items and points. The next floor's entrance will appear when you reach 100 points.

13. What can Blacksmith do?

There are 8 functions in Blacksmith: Enhance Equipment, Socket Gem, Forge Equipment, Enchant Equipment, Refine Equipment, Upgrade Equipment, Synthesize and Recycle.

Enhance Equipment: Increases Stat Boosts.

Socket Gem: Socket different Gems to get different Stat Boosts.

Forge Equipment: Consume materials to get better Equipment.

Enchant Equipment: Equip Enchantment Cards to get Stats and Enchantment Skills.

Refine Equipment: Refine to get different Refinery Stats.

Upgrade Equipment: Upgrade to greatly boost Equipment's stats.

Synthesize: Consume required materials to get rare items.

Recycle: Recycle items to get materials.