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Dragon Awaken Maintenance 11/16 @ 16:30 (GMT+8)

Time: 11/16/2022 16:30 p.m (GMT+8)

Duration: 1 Hour

Affected Server(s): All servers

Note: Maintenance time may be extended


Fixed the following issues:

No weapon, and no background text in the beginner tutorial;

No online friends in Dragon Catacombs;

Prison rescue in Multi-Dungeon did not succeed.

Combat summary effect issue;

FIFA World Cup golden ball reward bug;

Reborn Card bug;

Glory Expedition Shop points were not displayed.

Purchase error in Glory Expedition Shop.

The story background text was not displayed on the combat start screen.

Black screen after entering Glory Expedition combats.

The status of the button after purchase is not correct in Glory Expedition - Blessing.

The combat energy bar did not change.

Black screen when exiting combat in Faction War.

Level display issue in Flag.

The skill effects issue in Talent.


Changed to Halloween loading screen.