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Four classes within the same character

In Dragon Awaken, there are no fixed classes. Players can freely choose and change their specialties thanks to the skill trees. They can become Duelist, Cleric, Paladin and Mystic whenever they want. And once players reach certain levels, they can unlock more talents.


Duelists are warriors, their sword will slash any enemies they might encounter. The skills of a Duelist can cast huge damage to an enemy. And when the player’s strong enough, they can even cause automatic death.

Clerics are healers, they are great as supports and in teams. Clerics are blessed with curative powers, their skills will provide buffs to the party or heal.

Paladins are tanks, they have the capacity to resist great amounts of damage. The skills of a Paladin enhance diverse abilities and block damage to make them unbeatable.

Mystics are powerful mages. They can use their skills to cast spells and deal AOE damage. Mystics need to learn when to use the proper skills to annihilate the enemy.