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How to pass the 24th stage of Mount Dungeon

How to beat the Drunk Panda in the stage? The recommended hero formation is:


The best player abilities are Cleric or Paladin.


Make sure to have your fury metter full before the battle. You can let the “Drunk Panda” kill you in order to achieve that. In the beginning of the battle his first attack will cause “burn” status to the player, do not use any ability, because before transforming into a dragon the enemy will use this ability twice. After using his ability two times, the hero “Light Summoner” will die at this time you must use “Blessed touch” to remove the burn effect.

After he transforms into a Dragon, your “Amarante” has the function to keep you alive, Therefore I recommend you to use only the abilities 1 ''Holy Light'' and 2 '' Pray for Hope '' until the enemy dies. 

Acknowledgement:  Lord-Templar