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New Version 3.40

New Contents

1) Devil Equipment

- This feature will be available when you reach Lv.50.

- Devil Equipment does not occupy any slots in the Bag.

- Each piece of Equipment will increase all Stats, DMG Rate and DMG Reduction Rate.

- Three of the same Equipment pieces can be evolved to the next Stage in the Bag or the Evolve Screen.

- An Equipment Set Bonus will become active when you are wearing some or all pieces of a specific Equipment Set.

- Devil Essence can be received by recycling Equipment pieces and is used to buy in the Devil Shop.

2) Infernal

- A new more challenging difficulty—Infernal—has been added for the 5 Multi-Dungeons from Lv.50-70.

- Crumbling Tombs (Infernal) - Rewards: Devil Stone, Stage 1 Devil Equipment

- Ancient Highland (Infernal) - Rewards: Devil Stone, Stage 1-2 Devil Equipment

- Eternal Shrine (Infernal) - Rewards: Devil Stone, Stage 1-3 Devil Equipment

- Forbidden Sea (Infernal) - Rewards: Devil Stone, Stage 1-4 Devil Equipment

- Nether Storm (Infernal) - Rewards: Devil Stone, Stage 1-5 Devil Equipment